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Kitchen Design Service


Design is one of the most important factors when choosing your new kitchen and this is also our passion. Our kitchen design service in Doncaster consists of experienced design consultants with over 40 years experience. Our consultants can guide and help you select the ideal layout that best suits your needs. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or require guidance, we will work with you and your budget, to enable you to achieve your dream kitchen.

Size really doesn’t matter to us…

Our design team will discuss and produce a 3D render of your living space so you can visualise what your new kitchen may look like.

Working with an existing room shape?

We can help maximise storage so that you really can get the most out of the space available. Sometimes a solution to a problem can already exist and that’s where our range of furniture can help. From clever pull-out base units with increased storage capacity to wall units with increased depth, we can get the most out of any space. Our kitchen designers will help you work through all the options so you can get the most out of the available space with ease.

Single, twin or combination ovens? Selecting the right appliances can make all the difference.

Simple choices like Combination appliances can help free-up valuable worktop space, whilst integrated laundry and refrigeration can help create a truly seamless look. Induction or gas hob? Decorative or concealed extraction? These can all be combined to create style and functionality. There may be a lot more possibilities than you first think…

Need more space?

The dining room that hardly ever gets used or the awkward spare living space that’s never fully utilised?
We can help you explore the freedom and possibilities that removing existing walls can allow. Opening up a kitchen will provide a more cohesive integrated kitchen/living solution. 

Families and friends can gather around an island or dine together without the barriers that walls can often create. The inclusion of bi-fold doors can flood a room with light and bring everything together, including the garden view.

Why restrict yourself to one small oven when you have to feed the whole family? More room can often allow you to better choose the correct type and selection of appliances that best suit your needs, rather than simply just what fits.

Considering Extending?

We can not only help design your new kitchen, but also your new living and dining areas, even including furniture and lighting.

Our approach and experience with small or large open plan building extensions means we can help you create a total room concept that doesn’t just end with the kitchen units. From combination ovens, bespoke island solutions to family capacity fridge and freezer options, more space can really give you freedom for us to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

 Bi-fold, French or patio doors? These can not only create drama and light, but help you make the most of your outdoor living space. Can you imagine sitting at your brand new breakfast bar or dining area whilst enjoying the view from your light and airy open plan kitchen? We can…

Dressing Rooms by Alku

Rich deep luxurious tones or timeless soft neutral shades, our broad palette of colours can create the perfect mood.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Calming sleek contemporary or soothing classical elegance, our wide range of made to measure fitted wardrobes and dressing rooms can be tailored to your exact needs.

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